Our Team


Compassionate. Knowledgeable. Skilled.

These terms define the doctors at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. Our experienced veterinarians are more than just staff physicians, they truly are a team that works together to maximize the care of our patients. At Longwood Veterinary Clinic, your pet has the immediate benefit of several trained minds to address their medical needs. Our doctors’ philosophy is to treat every pet with proficiency and concern, the client with respect and information, and all without ego or haste. Their aim is to never make you feel uncomfortable asking questions or seeking additional information. Our doctor-patient relationship with you and your pet is our greatest priority every day.



Longwood Veterinary Clinic’s technicians pride themselves on their compassion and professionalism. Duties of the technical team include patient nursing care, placing intravenous catheters, performing dentistries, monitoring anesthesia, running laboratory tests, educating and counseling clients, and patient handling. Most importantly, our technicians love and comfort our patients.


Pet Care Team

Whether your pet is camping while you’re away, or just here for the day for medical care, our Pet Care Team are here to make them feel at home. Pet Care Team are responsible for the primary care of all pets staying at Longwood Veterinary Clinic.  This includes feeding, walking, cleaning up after, and medicating patients. A very large part of the Pet Care duties includes patient “enrichment;” that is, talking to, playing with, and interacting with our patients.  Their primary function is to make your pet feel comfortable and loved while they are with us.

Client Care

Our Client Care Specialists strive to make your visit to Longwood Veterinary Clinic a great experience…from the instant you walk in to the moment you depart. A friendly face, a compassionate shoulder, and a wealth of information; the Client Care team is here to serve you and your pet.

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    Pet Care Team

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