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    All You Ever Wanted To Know About Pet Obesity And Were Afraid To Ask Your Vet

    May 18 2016

    Does obesity cause the same problems for a pet as it does for a person? Obesity is a major health problem for pets that can result in liver, heart, and gastrointestinal…

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    Alert: Parasites In Our Area

    May 02 2016

    A recent study conducted by the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) in collaboration with Bayer Animal Health demonstrated that 90 percent of pet owners surveyed said they want their veterinarian to…

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    Can You Spot The Heartworms?

    Apr 12 2016

    What are the signs of heartworm disease in dogs? In the early stages of the disease, many dogs show few symptoms or no symptoms at all. The longer the infection…

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    Let’s Play Safe And Stay In The Yard. Right?

    Mar 31 2016

    Not so fast. As far as potential gardening hazards are concerned, plants are not the only danger lurking around your house. Gardens with pet-safe plants can still cause problems to…

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    Can Pets And Plants Co-Exist?

    Mar 31 2016

    Yes, they can! Garden shops and catalogs are pretty good at telling you what kind of sun and water exposure a plant will need, when to sow and how to…

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    Are mushrooms poisonous to dogs?

    Mar 31 2016

    While most mushrooms are generally non-toxic, certain types can be very dangerous. One of the most dangerous is the Amanita phalloides or death cap mushroom which is found throughout the…

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    6 Tips To Prevent A Basket Case This Easter

    Mar 25 2016

    Easter- Christianity’s most important holiday, celebrating Christ’s resurrection from the dead, will be observed by about 80 % of Americans. As with most holidays, food, candy and flowers will be added to the…

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    Happy National Puppy Day

    Mar 23 2016

    Come over to our YouTube channel and watch the puppies we’ve seen lately here at LVC! Alert: Cuteness overload!

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    Head Tilt

    Mar 22 2016

    Could you resist a puppy’s head tilt? Not us!!!

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    We wish you a magical Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

    Mar 17 2016