• patella

    Medially luxating patella

    Sep 01 2015

    This is an inherited defect, usually of small breed dogs, in which the patella or kneecap does not remain in its normal position. How does this happen? Let’s start by…

  • 017

    Arthritis: Is it the same for pets?

    Sep 01 2015

    Arthritis is common in people, especially as we age. Is it the same for pets? Dogs have all the same bones and joints that we do and are prone to…

  • 017

    What is hip dysplasia?

    Sep 01 2015

    Hip dysplasia is a genetically inherited problem of the hip joints. Dogs with hip dysplasia are born with hips that don’t fit together correctly. Puppies born with hip dysplasia walk…

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    Offer of the Month – September 2015

    Aug 31 2015

      Offer of the Month – September 2015 Osteo TruBenefits 10 % OFF   Keep them going. Let your pets be the best they can, no matter their age!   Offer valid…

  • please

    Stormy days to come.

    Aug 28 2015

    Stormy days to come – Dogs are very sensitive to changes in the weather and with loud thunderstorms many dogs become very anxious. Provide a storm phobic dog with a…

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    Aug 14 2015

  • 20150812_115132


    Aug 12 2015

    Thanks to Chick-Fil-A Drive Thru – Altamonte and the Yurchak Family for providing an awesome lunch for our team today.

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    Offer of the Month – August 2015

    Aug 03 2015

      Offer of the Month – August 2015 Free 30 Days Trial with No Waiting Period  when your pet receives a clean bill of health upon examination from our veterinarians.  …

  • 980x

    Bikini Season Is Here

    Jul 30 2015

    Felines are known for their fondness of sunbathing. With all the fur, how can you tell when your cat is getting too much sun? Cats are genetically designed to withstand…

  • PetAccessories

    Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

    Jul 30 2015

    Recently, we have faced several circumstances in which a client asks us to refill a prescription medication or to recommend treatment for a pet that has elapsed from an active…