I grew up on a large farm in Northwestern Kentucky, surrounded by almost every kind of animal. That is where my passion for them began. When I was a teenager my family and I moved to Panama City Beach Florida, where I fell in love with marine mammals. I started volunteering at the local marine park, and spending my summers on the boats where they gave dolphin tours. After graduating, I moved to Orlando to pursue a career along side animals. While searching for the right job, I was also volunteering at Clear water Marine Aquarium in Tampa. I have a strong interest in Marine life, but have always loved all animals, big and small.

Back home with my parents in Panama City is my Australian Shepherd Mix Sophie, who I adopted as a young pup. In all my life I never owned a cat. That changed when I met a small 5 week old kitten in need of a home. Elliot is a long haired black Hemingway, and his 8 toes on each foot definitely won me over. Two years later, I now have 3 adorable cats and I can’t imagine life without them!

After searching for the right Veterinary Clinic, I was given the opportunity to work at LVC. It is by far the most caring and passionate clinic I have worked for. At LVC, everyone genuinely loves caring for and being around animals, which makes a great team.


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