I’ve had animals from the day I was born and throughout my childhood in Brazil. It was only a natural course for me to be also involved with animals professionally.
I joined Longwood Veterinary Clinic in 2001. Beginning as a Pet Care Specialist, I gained hands-on experience to supplement my Animal Technology schooling. From there, I’ve become a technician, and later on Head Technician.
My latest position is in Marketing. Developing the monthly newsletter and linking Longwood Veterinary Clinic to many Social Media channels, we strive to bring a deeper connection between our clinic and our clients.
In my personal life, me and my husband have one son, Petrus, who is living in Alaska and serving as a paratrooper in the Army; an adorable senior dog named Angra, 7 cats (Fezz, Dr. Parnassus, Mitsu, Tesla Maria Broomhilda, Digory, Sigfrida and Unagi); Stefano, a Bearded Dragon and Sir Isaac Newton, a Leopard Gecko. If I manage to have some free time, it would be spent reading, art journaling, scrapbooking or researching my family’s genealogy.

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