My name is Amanda. I was born in Orange Park, Florida, but moved a few times throughout my life, spending a portion of my young adult life in Chesapeake, Virginia, while my dad served in the Navy. In 2005, my father retired from the Navy (after 20 years of service) and we moved back to Florida to be closer to my family.

My passion for animals started at a young age, and I always knew I would eventually do something animal related. Throughout my college career, I’ve interned at the Central Florida Zoo and Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge where I’ve cultivated my passion to do conservation work, help animals, and educate the public. I am currently pursuing a Biology degree at the University of Central Florida where I hope to one day become a zoologist or wildlife educator.

I currently have a guinea pig name Barbara that I rescued in July of 2017. She’s the cutest and is treated like an absolute princess (Barb’s bedding consists of felt blankets rather than aspen or soft bedding if that gives you an idea of how much she is spoiled).
I started at Longwood Veterinary Clinic in January of 2015 as a Pet Care Specialist and in October of 2017 I was promoted to technician. I am so excited to start this new chapter and to continue learning and growing at LVC.

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