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Growing up in California I was never without a pet. Cats were a particular favorite of my family but when I was 15 my dad finally got his wish for a dog. It was shortly after that that I knew I was a cat person! As long as I can remember, though, I have had a great fondness for all animals. I was converted to the “dog life” in my early twenties when I adopted my very own dog, Behr, a now 6 year old Australian Shepherd. He was joined four years ago by a very cuddly¬†couch potato, a.k.a – Maddie the Pit Bull mix.

I had always dreamed that I would one day work with animals but it wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I made that dream a reality. I began working at Longwood Vet Clinic in August of 2015 as a Client Care Specialist and I love getting to see all the wiggly puppies and prancing kittens. Every day has reaffirmed that the veterinary field is where I’m supposed to be and I feel so lucky that I have found somewhere that doesn’t make me feel like I’m heading in to “work” every day.

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