Nov 19 2014

Your dog will be thankful.

Are you sure you covered everyone on your meal planning? – Here at LVC we are already thinking of Black Friday. For most of you it means great sales. For us, it means sick dogs lined up at our doors due to their meal indiscretions. We all want to feed our pets something that looks and smells good and during the Thanksgiving Holidays we tend to, against our own judgment, feed them human food. The end result is an unhappy dog the day after Thanksgiving with diarrhea, tummy aches, and many times with scary pancreatitis.
We have a great solution for you. We put together some SAFE Thanksgiving feasts for our patients, consisting of chicken and veggies stews, and Grain free Turkey and Cranberry treats. Call us now to reserve a Thanksgiving feast that will go easy on their tummies.

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