Jan 11 2016

Meet Meatball

The busy holiday season is behind us now. Many of us packed our bags, packed our cars, and had good time traveling.  Some of us just packed on the pounds.
Research shows that our pets are more likely to gain unwanted pounds during holiday too.
But now is time to start anew and look forward to being healthier.
We’d like to introduce you to Meatball.

This sweet cat came to us in desperate need of help during the holidays, and we are committed to make her healthy again.
You see, Meatball did a “bit” of indulging during the holidays (and every other season) of her 11 years of life.
Now Meatball is morbidly obese and can barely walk or support all her weight. Even basics of life, like using a litter box or lay on her side to sleep, became impossible for her.
We vowed to change her life and to inspire you to help your own pet in 2016.
Meatball is starting her journey weighing 27.6 lbs. Her goal weight is 12 to 14 lbs and we are planning to get her there slowly and safely, so it may take us over 1 year.
Her action plan has 3 approaches-
  • The right food : Hill’s Metabolic Weight and Urinary care
  • The right amount of food:  ¼ cup twice daily
  • Increased exercise
Can you tell if your pet is at the right weight?
It can be hard to know because for many pets, they don’t get just a big round belly. Instead, the extra fat is also well hidden inside your pet’s body, tucked between their vital organs. So let us check! Our veterinary practice team has a trained eye to best assess your pet’s weight. Bring your pet in for their yearly exam and we’ll take a look at their body condition and nutritional needs. If we determine your pet needs to lose a few pounds, don’t worry. We’ll come up with a plan that will keep you and your pet sailing through the New Year, just like Meatball.
Keep up with her progress by liking our Facebook page. 

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