Apr 28 2017

Are Your Pets Safe From Parasites?


Longwood Veterinary Clinic is not only passionate about the health of your pets, but to the health of pets all across the country.  As an example, Dr. Marrinson serves on the Board of Directors for the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the idea that all pets should be protected from dangerous parasites.  Each year, CAPC releases forecast maps predicting the incidence of some of the most dangerous of these parasites in an attempt to call attention to the importance of year round parasite prevention.

This year, Dr. Marrinson traveled to New York City to promote CAPC’s efforts by participating in radio and television interviews across the country.  Dr. Marrinson’s presentations have currently been viewed 563,901,363 times (that’s right; over half a BILLION views) and are being featured on MSN, Yahoo, and Amazon.  To see an example from CAPC’s Satellite Media Tour, click here: http://www.lifeminute.tv/home-and-family/video/are-your-pets-safe-parasites-here-s-what-you-need-know.

Dr. Marrinson is very proud to be a part of CAPC and we are proud of his work in support of animals everywhere.  For more information about the Companion Animal Parasite Council, see www.petsandparasites.org.

Most importantly, make sure your pet is protected.  If you have questions about your pets parasite prevention, please call us at 407-834-2526.

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