Sep 05 2017

Fall, Allergies and your Pets


Fall is finally here!!!!

The much awaited relief from high temperatures and humidity is approaching us. Morning walks are enjoyable again and afternoon jogs can be back on our schedule.

I wish I could say we can forget about seasonal allergies until next spring. Even though flowers and trees are not blooming right now, weeds are thriving and exploding into a rain of pollen. Also, fallen leaves are not being dried by the blazing sun as quickly as we saw in the summer, creating the perfect environment for molds to spore.

From late August until late October ragweed is releasing pollen, especially in the early hours of the morning. Like humans, dogs can be very allergic to ragweed and mold, showing symptoms of atopy, which is the medical term for allergies to airborne irritants like pollen. Symptoms include itchy skin, sores on the skin, and ear infections.

Here are few ideas to enjoy the wonderful season and minimize effects of allergies:

  1. Refrain from walking with your dog in the morning. Most weeds release their pollen between the hours of 5 to 10 am.
  2. Avoid high un-mowed grass. Pollen has a better chance to stick to higher grasses.
  3. Clean up leaves and decaying matters promptly. The longer it sits out there, the greater the chance for mold to move in.
  4. Take advantage of walks immediately after rain. Enjoy the scents and lowered level of airborne pollen.
  5. Brush your pet and wipe his/her coat with a damp cloth after a walk. Bathe frequently.
  6. Do not self-medicate your pet by using your own allergy medication unless prior directions from your veterinarian.

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