“I believe that each animal is a soul that deserves to be honored. When I look into an animal’s eyes, I see a being that longs to be nourished, listened, and cared for. Attending to their particular needs and characteristics we become better humans”.

I was lucky to be born into a family of animal lovers. I’ve had animals from the day I was born and throughout my childhood in Brazil. It was only a natural course for me to be also involved with animals professionally.

I joined Longwood Veterinary Clinic in 2001. Beginning as a Pet Care Specialist, I gained hands-on experience to supplement my Animal Technology schooling. From there, I’ve become a technician, and later on Head Technician.
For a few years held a Marketing position, developing the monthly newsletter and linking Longwood Vet Clinic to many Social Media channels. Since 2019 I’ve been dedicated solely to surgeries.

In my personal life, my husband and I have one son, Petrus, who served in the Army as a paratrooper in Alaska and still lives there; 6 cats (Mitsu, Tesla Maria Broomhilda, Digory,  Rumi Khalil Watts, Buckaroo Bonzai Volts, and Unagi Gloria); and Stefano, a Bearded Dragon. If I manage to have some free time, it would be spent reading, rehearsing for theatrical plays, crafting, scrapbooking or researching my family’s genealogy.


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