“I believe that animals are truly teachers of the world. They teach us love, compassion, and understanding. They teach us about each other and even ourselves. They show us true, complete emotion and trust; this is why they mean so much to me.”

I was born in Los Angeles, California and moved to Florida with my parents when I was around six years old. I always had animals growing up and have been in the veterinary industry for about a year (since 2017). I have an A.A. degree from Valencia College and currently live with my boyfriend Darth, Scotty the Beta Fish, Bofur the Boston, Obi and Jera the corn snakes, Davos the Maine Coon, Evie the Leopard Gecko, Pickett the Parakeet, and Odo the Mali Uromastyx (lizard).

Before joining the Team here at LVC, I worked in Orlando’s Theatrical Community. I have also volunteered with (and will continue to volunteer with) the Maitland Center for Birds of Prey in their trauma clinic.

As much as I have enjoyed theater over the years, it’s time I follow my dream of working with animals full time!

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