When I was little I begged my parents for a pet every year when my birthday came around. They finally caved and got me my first pet, a dwarf hamster named Rockie, when I was ten. From then on I’ve loved all types of animals. Over the years I’ve shared my life with dogs, bunnies, birds, fish, reptiles, and hamsters.
I believe giving a furry member of your family a great life involves making sure that they are happy and healthy. That’s one of the reason why I wanted to work in this field. Getting to care for the health of all the animals that come into our clinic is a real joy. I also love to work with everyone here because they all share my passion for animals. I have spent several years working with animals as well as volunteering my time with them.
I am currently pursuing a degree in Biology to further my knowledge of all living creatures. No matter what I know pets will always be apart of my life.
I currently share my home and life with three amazing little boys Ranger the dachshund, Bruno the tough chihuahua mix, and Tripp the clumsy spaniel mix. I also care for a tortoise named Raphael.  

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