Ever since I was a child I was always considered an “animal person”. I was that young girl with an assortment of pets ranging from mice and hamsters to birds and dogs and cats. I could never turn away an animal that needed help. I am sure there were a few times when my parents wondered what they had gotten themselves into, but their patience and understanding provided me with my first experiences of how enjoyable pets can be in our lives.

I believe there is a special relationship between pets and their people. Many of us could learn a great deal from the loyalty and devotion our pets give to us every day. Working at Longwood Veterinary Clinic has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing team of individuals who share my love of animals while helping care for pets and their pet parents.

I began my career in veterinary medicine in 2000, became a certified veterinary technician in 2003 and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science in 2007. I have been with Longwood Veterinary Clinic since 2009, becoming Head Technician in 2011. My family and I share my home with my two dogs, a Chihuahua mix named Knight, and a tiny Chihuahua named Prince Hairy. I also have 1 cat named Wally.

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