I have loved animals since I was a young girl growing up in Indiana. My parents let me have a cat in the second grade we named Garfield. Garfield was with us until I got married in 1997. I studied culinary arts at Vincenness University, and I love to spend my off time cooking and doing all sorts of arts and crafts.
After I met my husband Sean we moved to Nashville, TN and had all sorts of critters including rats, frogs, fish and cats. When we finally got a house with a yard we adopted two senior citizen basset hounds named Indy and Marion. Sean and I are strong supporters of adoption and have decided to only adopt older animals who cannot find forever homes because of their age.
In 2011 we moved to Florida to enjoy the warm weather and our favorite place Disney World. Sean and I currently have three dogs Walt aka Walter Elias Disney Opel, Bromelia aka Millie, and Byzantia aka Zan Zan. I was working in childcare but when I stumbled upon an opening here at LVC I jumped at the chance to work with animals. I am so excited to be here and learn so many interesting new things about the health and care of animals. I enjoy making our clients feel welcome and their pets well cared for each day.

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