I believe that we, as humans, have an obligation to be the voice and protector of all living beings without the ability to do so.

I am born and raised in Florida! I grew up a few hours south of here, in Sarasota, Florida. I have had birds, a leopard gecko, cats, and dogs throughout my life. I have always had a special connection with dogs, though! My childhood friend and I were always on patrol in the neighborhood, looking for furry friends that got out to return them home. The love of my life is my 13 year old Chuggle, Rufus! He has been my partner in crime for 10 years now, I would be lost with out him.

I have worked in the Veterinary field since 2017, it is a truly rewarding job and I love interacting with the families. Getting puppy (a dog of any age) kisses through out the day is a definite perk too!

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