From a very young age I’ve had a passion for animals!  I was always fascinated with their behaviors, the way they could learn and adapt.  I was also lucky enough to have pets growing up.  Throughout my life I’ve had an array of different animals:  dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pigs, birds, rabbits, fish, and chickens.  I have even been able to take care of large animals such as goats, horses, cows, and donkeys.

Being able to work at Longwood Veterinary Clinic has given me a great opportunity to work closely with these animals that I love so much.  I love what I do because spending time with the animals is so rewarding and fulfilling, and I get to learn even more about them.

I currently have a Macaw Named Harley Quin, and a rescue pit mix named Piper.  One day I would love to become a veterinarian.

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