I have always loved animals but I had never really considered working with them until I got a job at a humane society inRockville,Marylandin 2006. That is where I realized how much I loved helping animals and also helping people find the right pet to become a part of their family. It was there that I developed some technical skills such as drawing blood, giving vaccines, etc. which lead me to become more interested in veterinary medicine.

I have worked at a couple pet boarding facilities; I have a diploma for a Veterinary Assistant and have been at LVC since June 2009. I started as a Pet Care Specialist and in August 2011 I became the Pet Care Team Manager. I truly enjoy coming to work everyday and working with what has become my family. This work environment has allowed me to grow not only professionally but personally as well. I am passionate about educating people about their pet’s health and am committed to giving the best care to all the patients under the care ofLVC.

I currently have three cats that I live with, Lola, Cloe and Reagan. They are like children to me, especially since I have none of the human kind yet. In October 2013 I married my fiancé, Wayne, whom I have known since middle school.

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