“I believe that we learn the true meaning of unconditional love from our pets.”

I was born and raised in Florida, but when I turned 18 I moved to Washington DC for a few years. It was there that I started my career in the pet industry. In 2006, I got a job at the Rockville Humane Society in Maryland. While working there, I developed a few technical skills, like drawing blood and giving vaccines. Working there inspired me to get a career diploma as a Veterinary Assistant in 2007.

I have worked at a few other camping facilities and came to Longwood Veterinary Clinic in 2009. I was the Pet Care Manager from 2011-2021 and in February 2021, I made the transition to Veterinary Technician. The team at LVC has become more like a second family to me and I truly enjoy coming to work every day. I am passionate about pet nutrition and flea control and enjoy the opportunity to educate clients and my team on these topics.

I am married and have 2 boys. Currently, my family has a cat named April who was brought in as a stray in November 2020.

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