Jun 23 2015

We have Sentinel

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Yesterday we shared information about a shortage of the drug used to treat heartworm infections and to remind you that heartworms are preventable.

For the prevention of heartworms we recommend SENTINEL, a safe, effective, and affordable medication administered once every 30 days can ensure that your dog will never be concerned with the need for treatment.

Some parents misunderstood our message and were under the impression that Sentinel was the drug on shortage.

We guarantee you that this is not the case. We have Sentinel and we have great rebates to make prevention more affordable.

In the past, when the manufacturer plants were under changes, it  shortaged the supply. We took extreme measures to guarantee that our patients got the protection needed throughout that period. We take pride announcing that no pet was turned down when they needed us the most.

We are very please to see that many pet parents are very concerned about the health of their pets and want to avoid preventable diseases.


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