Pet Imaging

Longwood Veterinary Clinic offers Imaging services for your pets. Learn more below.

Pet Imaging (Radiographs and Ultrasounds)

With the aid of a specialised probe and sound waves, ultrasound is a very helpful diagnostic technique that may display real-time pictures or films of a patient’s internal organs on a screen. The vets can look within our patients’ organs and body cavities thanks to this method.
So that a diagnosis may be made, it helps to distinguish between normal and aberrant observations.

A radiograph, often known as an x-ray, is a noninvasive diagnostic tool used to help identify and treat medical disorders. In order to create images of the inside of the body using x-ray imaging, a portion of the body is exposed to a modest dosage of ionising radiation. Our Digital Vet-Ray equipment provides images quickly and with less radiation exposure. The board-certified radiologists can then review and consult on these images after our veterinarians have reviewed them.