Dr. Rick Marrinson

I was one of those unfortunate children who always wanted a pet but grew up in a home where my parents held, and frequently exercised, veto power.  For years I brought home any cat or dog that was not tied down and repeatedly begged, “Can I keep him?”  I’m not sure if my persistence was a virtue or an annoyance, but when I was twelve, my parents relented and I got my first dog.  The experience was everything I’d hoped for and solidified my love of animals.  To this day, memories of Molly can bring tears to my eyes.

In high school I happened into an after-school job at a veterinary clinic.  After three years of assistant work, including every weekend and every holiday, I understood my calling.  My undergraduate work was done at both Kansas State University and at Oklahoma State University (OSU).  From 1981 through 1985 I attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU.  By the time of graduation I had also gotten married and had my first child.  After a lifetime in the Midwest, we were ready for a new environment and promptly moved to Central Florida.

Following a brief stint at Howell Branch Animal Hospital in Winter Park, I became an associate veterinarian at Sanlando Springs Animal Hospital (SSAH) in Longwood.  In 1993 I became a partner at SSAH and in 1994, together with my partners, purchased Longwood Veterinary Clinic taking over its daily operations as the Medical Director.  In 2003 I left the partnership and assumed sole ownership of LVC.

Along those years my wife had our second child and we have now loved and lost two dogs, four cats, and one Bearded Dragon.  My kids are both grown, have flown the nest, and have become incredible, independent, successful adults.  My wife and I now share our home with Mitchell the Rat Terrier, Harper the Boxer mix (our newest addition) and Clover the calico cat. Beyond my professional life my loves are photography, travel, and kayaking Florida’s native waterways.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have a career that not only rewards me, but defines me.  The relationships I’ve enjoyed with so many clients and their pets are a joy beyond description.  I thank everyone associated with LVC for the opportunity to serve you, am humbled by the trust you’ve allowed me, and am grateful for the chance to work at something I truly love.

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